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Every Fluke test tool gives you what you need: accurate measurements, consistent, reliable performance, attention
to safety and ease of use. Let Fluke test tools make your life 
easier: log measurements and identify intermittent problems
with unattended monitoring.

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Take no risks. Trust your Fluke meter.

Working safely while making measurements is not rocket science. It’s a simple combination: Careful planning, safe practices according to your local regulations and using the right tools in the right way.

Fluke offers you the solutions you need to work safely.

Come home safe with Fluke

Unrivalled range of digital multimeters

Fluke multimeters combine multiple measurements to help you do your work quickly and accurately. Our wide range meets every need: from handheld troubleshooters and wireless mutlimeters to ultra-smart multimeters with full logging and graphing.

Fluke Digital Multimeters

The world’s most trusted clamp meters

Wires in tight compact spaces. Panels out of reach. Extra large conductors. We understand your workspace and have designed products for noise-free, reliable readings. With advanced performance, the Fluke clamp meter line is designed to be simple to use and gimmick-free.

Fluke Clamps

Fast and accurate earth ground testers

Ensuring new installations are safe needs reliable testers that you can trust. Our versatile multifunction (MFT) testers help ensure the safety of people and the electrical systems they use. Protect them all against electrocution, fire and other hazards.

Fluke Earth Ground testers

Installation testers you can depend on

Give systems a reliable connection to earth to ensure safety and meet electrical codes, as well as engineering and local standards. Our testers give you quick and accurate impedance measurements with a choice of several test methods.

Multi Functional testers

Insulation Testers: Readings You Can Trust

Whether you work on motors, generators, cables, or switch gear, the Fluke insulation resistance testers provide noise-free, reliable results. With advanced performance, the insulation tester line is designed to be safe, simple to use and gimmick-free. A perfect solution for troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications.

Fluke Insulation Testers

Fluke Accessories: Get more from your tool

Fluke Accessories increase the functionality of your test tool; our assortment includes, among other accessories, non-contact detectors, probes and hat lights, meter hangers, and appropriately rated test probes that improve your safety. Your digital multimeter can become a thermometer, clamp meter, or even a pressure gauge. With Fluke Accessories, you can broaden the ability to take meter measurements in different environments to meet your industrial, electrical, and electronic needs.

Fluke Accessories

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